Annual Membership

Membership fees are required for all authors who will submit manuscripts for possible publication. Voluntary memberships are most welcome. Your generosity and assistance is still needed.


Regular Local P300
  • Students
  • Non Academic and Administrative Staffs
  • General Public

Premium Local P500
  • Faculty of Philippine Medical Schools
  • Doctors (Philippine Resident)
  • Residents / Fellows (Philippine Hospitals)

Premium International $50
  • Non-resident of the Republic of the Philippines

Membership entitles you to the following:

  1. Submission of articles to Acta for possible publication.
  2. Download/print articles in PDF format.
  3. Free archival copies of Acta articles unavailable for download from the archives section. Call Acta office for availability of these articles.
  4. Submission of advertising and other announcements to the website and print copy (other fees may apply).

For libraries, companies and individuals who wish to subscribe to the print copy (has free online membership privileges) please click here.

For non-credit card holders we also accept cash or check payments.
Please call us at (632)353-0990.

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