Guest Editorial

Gerardo D. Legaspi, MDIt is with great pride that I foreword this special edition of Acta Medica dedicated to contributions from the residents and fellows of UP-PGH. As a centre of excellence and the country's premiere medical training institution, we must not just be a fountain of experience opportunities coupled with a roster of experts, we should also be a venue for ground breaking research. Today's research is likely to become tomorrow's treatment guideline. The PGH strives to encourage and nurture both young and seasoned researchers. We are continually finding ways to fund studies and experiments that most likely will translate into clinical use. Our Expanded Hospital Research Office has been strengthened and made more efficient in the past couple of years. We are annually generating an increasing number of studies that are both consultant and resident driven. The Acta Medica is an indispensable venue for many of these papers. I salute the editors, reviewers and staff of this journal. But most of all, I salute the contributors. They who have painstakingly dedicated themselves to the advancement of medical knowledge and the unending search for answers to clinical questions ultimately benefitting our raison d'être: our patients.


Gerardo D. Legaspi, MD
Philippine General Hospital