Guest Editorials

Agnes D. Mejia, MD

In 2012, the UPCM College Council approved the establishment of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety. This program sets a focused research agenda and advocacy for the College. It shall seek to strengthen and complement the government's health programs by helping ensure that every Filipino, not only gains access to healthcare, but also to a healthcare of highest quality and safety comparable to recognized international standards. Furthermore, it shall provide opportunities to empower and engage patients in managing their own health. The Center shall also serve as an academic hub that shall partner with stakeholders in the delivery of quality care and ensuring patient safety. It is envisioned that the end result of all these endeavors is the improvement in healthcare outcomes for Filipinos.

In this special issue of ACTA MEDICA PHILIPPINA, two (2) papers on safety, namely medication errors and intubation, are reported. The first paper underscores the burden of medication errors and future studies will provide a system and mechanism to minimize and certainly to avoid committing these errors. The second paper is on medical education, doing simulation before actual performance on patients such that the "see one, do one" will no longer be the norm.

The safety of herbal medicinal plants like Yerba Buena and Oregano are also being explored by the College. We are hoping that in a few years we can define their utility and safety thru basic science researches done in the Departments of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology.

With these two strategies, that of clinical and basic researches on patient safety, we can look forward to policy creation geared towards better health care delivery. To operationalize our programs, an administrative paper is reported. This job profile and description will aid the College in managing, assigning and hiring personnel, all with the intention of promoting quality assurance in their daily office work.

The focus chosen by the College - healthcare quality and patient safety - is encompassing. It will cover a multitude of ideas in health sciences. Our efforts to turn this into a health bill will hopefully come true with the new knowledge generated by our clinicians and researchers.


Agnes D. Mejia, MD
Professor and Dean
UP College of Medicine