Neck Bypass Modification for Inferior Trapezius Flaps: A Discussion of Surgical Technique and Experience

Armando M. Chiong, Jr., Olivia Agnes D. Mejia, Alzhes R. Buelva and Katrina Anne R. Balmores

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, College of Medicine and
Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines Manila

The inferior trapezius flap (ITF) is useful as a primary means of head and neck reconstruction or as a salvage flap when a previous flap has failed. This report illustrates a neck bypass modification technique which places the pedicle external and lateral to the neck, thereby 1) increasing the flap’s reach and 2) decreasing compression from subcutaneous tunneling. It also describes the authors’ experience with this technique.

Key Words: trapezius flap, lower island trapezius flap, inferior trapezius flap, head and neck reconstruction