The Youth’s Role in Advancing the State of the Nation’s Health

Carl Abelardo T. Antonio

Department of Health Policy and Administration, College of Public Health,
University of the Philippines Manila

The Philippine health system comprises a vast pool of individuals and organizations in both the public and private sectors whose concreted (or disparate) actions define the health status of Filipinos. While Filipinos today are healthier compared to the 1990s, especially with respect to the Millennium Development Goals, challenges and gaps remain. Health disparities between and within communities exist driven mainly by sociodemographic characteristics. There also still remains a gap between the knowledge of healthcare providers and clients; and even if patients do know, this does not guarantee correct consequent action. Finally, ineffective governance leads to various forms of corruption that, in turn, affect health system performance. This paper offers recommendations on how youth-led organizations can help address these challenges.

Key Words: young adult, adolescent, health care sector, Philippines